Juliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent, the founders of the COOP, were friends for many years before they had kids. They hung out in cool places, had interesting conversations, and wore high heels. Then Juliet had a baby, then Lucinda - and one more for each quickly followed. No more cool coffee houses or leisurely lunches for the two , who traded in their heels for (fabulous, of course) flats. But their new "hang outs" were uninspired and dull... windowless play spaces overrun with junkie toys and cutesy murals. Not content to accept this fate, the ladies came up with the concept of the COOP. A Cool, modern playspace for kids, that doesn't forget the adults desire to be in a space that caters to them as well (hello...CAPPUCCINO BAR!!!!). The COOP is open, it is clean, it is modern, and it's lots of fun. We hope you love it as much as we do!!














HOURS 10a-6p Mon-Thurs
10a-3p Fri
Closed Sat & Sun for
Private Parties.
11118 Ventura
(818) 760-9613